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Hey everyone. We're starting clinicals here pretty soon and I need some advice. Before I knew I'd be going into nursing - when it was just an idea far off in my mind - I had gotten a few tattoos. Some of them are visible. I... Read More

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    I have an in-progress full sleeve on my left arm, wrist tattoos, and a large chest piece. For my program, undershirts are not allowed. What I am doing is simply wearing a nursing jacket with baseball-cuff style sleeves to cover my tattoos. My teachers said this is how their program does this for students as they have had plenty of tattooed students before.

    I have a small tattoo behind one ear that does show when my hair is up -- which is it required to be -- but so far I have not been asked to cover it, probably due to placement.

    It's unfortunate that nursing is so behind in the ways of the world as far as tattooing goes. Having tattoos does not make one a bad nurse, and where I work as an AUA, I don't cover mine up and usually my patients like them. The programs also are not concerned with our comfort level -- I know I sweat to death every day, but that's just how it is. Only until graduation!

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