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    I'm going to be an LPN/LVN student and finish my program (LPN) next year. I already have a BS in a non-nursing degree. All my pre-reqs to get into the ADN program are completed as well. I applied to the ADN program at a local community college and due to the lottery system didn't get in . I wanted to start somewhere as I want to start a family in time so, I decided to start from scratch in nursing and decided to do the LVN program (as this was the only option left). NOW, my main concern is that I don't know if I'm going into the right direction. My main goal is to become a NP. What I have planned is: do my LPN, do the LPN-RN (preferably online or on-site in my city), and then do the RN-MSN online (even though I believe there aren't many online choices for the online one) as I already have a BS degree in another field.
    I have this planned in my mind BUT I don't know my chances of getting an LPN-RN ( and RN-MSN online. This is going to take a long time too IMO even if I go full-time. I really want to know if anyone has done it (online or on-campus) and what their experiences have been like? Also, I want to do RN-MSN online because I'm married and don't want to move to another city as my husband already has a career here and I don't want to leave him to go to school somewhere or want him to leave his job he has here. Also, there's only one school in my city that has onsite LPN-RN program and it's very competetive and they usually take their own students who did the LVN from them (I'm not doing my LVN from them) and there isn't any school that has RN-MSN (NP) in my city. I would really appreciate if someone will share their experience as to what it is like to go this route and if it's hard, takes really long, or is/is not a good option overall? Thank you so much for your time in advance
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Well, I became an LPN in 92, got an ADN in 94, did an online RN to BSN via University of Phoenix in 04, BSN to MSN online via UofP in 2005, post-MSN adult health CNS 2006, post-master peds CNS May 2010 (hopefully will finish by then).

    Not an easy path but doable.
  4. by   IwannaBeNP
    TraumaRUs---Wow, I'm really impressed! I see that you got your BSN in 2005 and MSN in, is the BSN-MSN program just one year? I'm asking coz' even though I have a "draft" planning done in my mind, I still don't know how long it's going to take me to go LVN-MSN route....It's is doable I believe but you know my priorities (like I want online RN-MSN) kinda get in the way
  5. by   2bNursevaldez2
    I have a question I'm curently a patien care technician working in the emergency room Which mean i have my phlebotomist , ekg, CNA , certification i also have my associate in health care adminitration ... And i took my intravenouce certification which mean i can put iv .. But im not allowed to ... Lol.. Im also a medical assistant and biller and coder .. Well the question is since i have all of my nursing pre - req i would like to know which would be a smarter route for me ... if going to lpn school then BSN or just going straigth in to RN - school then to BSN .... I was also wondering since i have my associate in health care would it shorten the lpn to bsn process ... Lpn is 11 moth RN 2 years Lpn to bsn 2 - 4 years RN to BSN 1.5 year But i would like to know if having an associate plus lpn plus Rn pre- re would only mean i have to go,for school for 11 moth plus 1.5 year to get my BSN. .? Is that posible ? Because i heard of people who has a BA in what ever concentration and obtain a master in nursing so lpn plus Ass degreed would be a short cut rigth ?