cnet- lpn pnat 2012

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    hello, is anyone signed up for the cnet pnat lpn entrance exam? also, is anyone trying to get in the brooklyn/ manhattan adult learning center??? My exam is coming up soon and i am nervous
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    I am signed up for the cnet pnat lpn entrance exam. I test on 2/11/12. It seemed so far out when I registered! Im nervous too! I am currently attending BALC for medical billing and coding, which will end in June. LPN at BALC is my first choice.
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    finally someone replied!!! how are you???? i sat my exam on 3rd february. everyday i am checking for my results and i am getting nervous. i really need this !! how was ur exam by the way? is it ok we exhange info? like email info? i would love to keep in touch with someone who is trying to dot he same program. I heard its very difficult to get in!!!!
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    Besides being extremely nervous, and anxious for the results... I am just fine! I sat for the exam at Beth Israel on 2/3. Is that where you tested? Its funny to think that we could of been in the same room! I felt extremely confident about the reading/comprehension and the spelling. Math portion - so so (But hopefully enough to pass). I thought some of the vocabulary was tricky but I completed the test! Im trying to visualize myself starting the LPN program in Sept! I currently attend BALC and I see the LPNs everyday! I need this bad too! I met with one of the instructors and told her I was interested in the program. She told me if I pass the CNET exam, she would be more than happy to do whatever she could to get me into that location.

    I would love to keep in contact. My email address is

    How do you feel the test went for you? BTW, Ive taken the TABE (for BALC) and I found it much easier!
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    Quote from futurernhazel
    hello, is anyone signed up for the cnet pnat lpn entrance exam? also, is anyone trying to get in the brooklyn/ manhattan adult learning center??? My exam is coming up soon and i am nervous
    Hello. I also took the exam last week. I found t he vocabulary to be very difficult. The math wasnt bad and the reading portion was ok as well. I took the exam last year and failed by a few points. I will keep the board posted when I get my results. Good luck every one
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    Hi guys, im scheduled to take the exam on april and this is also my first time. I was wondering what kind of vocabulary (is it health terminology?) & math ( addition, percent, or problem solving?) its in the test?
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    @znaid04 keep us posted on ur scores and if you get in. I should get my results by the end of this week. I will keep u posted! and @ barbs05, all you need to do is buy the study guide!! If takes a while to be delivered to ur home,(about 2 weeks) and if I was u I would order it asap. Get the book asap!! it helps!!!!
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    Hi, thank you! do you have the book? i was wondering if i could just borrow it and pay you. i dont really have time and the money to order the book right now. heres my email:
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    I took my pnat exam on feb 7th so i should be getting my results next week. Im so anxious but I felt that i prepared quite a bit using the study guide. So helpful! Only the vocabulary and antonym synonym was a bit challenging but was able to get thru. Advice, practice, practice, practice and time yourself. i was able to finsh allsections in a timely manner.
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    I am still waiting on my results. this friday will be 3 weeks. There was not any mail today delivered so I am kinda hoping it comes tomorrow!!!! I cant wait I will keep u girls posted...crossing my fingers and keeping positive

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