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  1. Does anyone know about CES college in Burbank CA? I was looking into their website, and saw that their tuition was lower than other Vocational schools for 27,000 I think. Would anyone recommend this school?
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    I wouldn't recommend any of the Los Angeles-area for-profit LVN programs because they are grossly overpriced. You would be up the paddle without a creek to end up with nearly $30,000 in staggering student loan debt and no LVN job to repay your obligations. Contrary to popular belief, there is no nursing shortage in southern CA, and finding oneself jobless after completing school is not far-fetched.

    Your best bet is attending an LVN program at a ROP (regional occupational program) where tuition is less than $10,000. Multiple ROPs are operating in Southern California.

    I completed a private LVN program in Southern CA several years ago, but you can obtain the same LVN license at a fraction of the cost. It is much better than repaying several hundred dollars per month.
  4. by   raspberrybird
    Quote from beautiful17
    Does anyone know about CES college in Burbank CA? I was looking into their website, and saw that their tuition was lower than other Vocational schools for 27,000 I think. Would anyone recommend this school?
    The school is accredited and the tuition IS lower than many other schools, because the school is non-profit. Current tuition is under 25K, plus there is financial aid, such as grants and loans. So if you qualify for grants, the program costs you about 15K.
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    It is extremely hard to get into an ROP. They only have one group at a time and it fills up almost instantly.
  6. by   Puddin2day
    It is more difficult to get into a ROP program or an Adult School program, but it is well worth it. That being said, there are so many applicants for these programs. You have to test at a 12 grade level or higher, if you do that well, then there's the Pre-Nursing course that you have to pass with a high grade. Only 30 - 35 people are picked for the final LVN class.

    Get a book the covers how to pass the TABE exam with a high score either from your local library or a bookstore and study that very thoughly.

    Good luck.
  7. by   Puddin2day
    Thank you Communter, RN for your comment regarding the non-shortage of nurses. I needed to read that comment because I was so worried about getting a job after I complete the program and pass the state boards. If all goes well, I will pass the Pre-LVN class in November and start the LVN course for Hacienda La Puente CAS in Jan 2013.
  8. by   raspberrybird
    Well, maybe it is worth to try it once but chances are very slim. If they are saying that the program costs around 10K at ROP,then it is not that much of a difference with 15K after financial aid and there is a much better chance to get in and start soon.
  9. by   Emboss
    Hi, it's lower for a good reason.... This is by far the worst school in California! Don't believe me call any other LVN SCHOOL and ask them what clinical sites they offer. CES DID NOT offer the best they barely make mediocre! When asked by many of there students why they are the ONLY school to not allow a second opportunity to pass EXIT EXAM there response is we have the right by law to make up our own rules. And make them up they sure did! The director of nurses leaves everything to be desired in a leader teacher and counselor. In fact as all of my fellow class mates and I became fully a wear of, this school has no clue on how to turn out bright will trained professionals! If you do not meet the libido requirements of said male director you are screwed! With next to no help in passing your weekly tests students drop like flys! And why should they care they still get paid! They change your supposed set schedule on you with little to no notice! Think you can attend here and keep a job? No way! The instructors are personal friends of our dear director with the same benefits. Aggressive, rude, un helpful! Save one... If you do have the unfortunate luck of being conned into attending this low bar institution she will be a breath of fresh air! The students are not reprimanded for disgusting behaviors it was like being in high school only with out any benefits at all! Again I strongly recommend ANY OTHER SCHOOL !!!! Especially if you feel as many of the other superior schools feel that you should be given the right to retest, have a set schedule and attend school in a safe caring environment where when they say it's like family there not just BS you to literally take your money and leave you with anger and disappointment! I hope I was able to save some of you from making a huge mistake ! Oh and one more very important thing pharmacology is a freaking joke! Nothing is gone over at all you get a book that's it! It was really not in tests or really on the finals you didn't need to know it with CES But you better believe state boards think you had full on pharmacology training!!!

  10. by   fantasticme
    I am not sure who you are, you sound like somebody who was not able to finish the program and is now upset and saying **** about the school. I went to that school. It is very good. Yes, there are always things to imrove, and being an adult I understand that perfect does not exist. But I loved my teachers, who were nice, understanding, and knowledgeable. Administration was very approachable too. I know work as an LVN and remember every day, thankfully, the school and what they taught me. I have plenty of friends who went through other nursing program and we often discussed experiences. Mine were not worse, and oftentimes better than theirs. I had my clinicals in two hospitals, I had rns, not lvns as my instructors, I was not sent home after being three minutes late like some of my friends in other school were, I always felt welcome and that people care about me, not just my money. So, if you for whatever reason could not learn and failed your final, accept the responsibility. Yes, I had classmates who were kicked out of the program, but they deserved it because they came to school for wrong reasons and never really put any effort into ir. Nursing programs are hard, you need to work hard. This school will help you, but you need to work too. I did, and I Graduated, passed my exam and got a job.
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  11. by   fantasticme
    They are actually non-profit school.
  12. by   BSN1986
    Whoa! Not sure who the comment is from who is ranting off so negatively about CES; however, I agree with the post afterwards and that it must have been someone who failed miserably because I too was a student there and with all honesty, everyone was given remediation if they didn't pass the first time then if you failed remediation 3 times you get on probation and so fourth but you were allowed quite a bit of leeway and this is because they tried to help everyone pass. The instructors are great and they were all licensed with RN or BSN we were never taught by a lower license not even for CNA skills.