Center for Allied Health and Nursing. Jacksonville Fl

  1. Just wanted to know if anyone has any information or input on this school. I am thinking about going to the October 2011 class and have passed the entrance exam. I know this is a new school,,,,,but any information would be great. I have read mixed reviews of the NJ and Tampa schools. Thanks for any help
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  3. by   StudentNurse1116
    I just finished the LPN program at their Brandon campus (right outside of Tampa) I am also planning on doing the LPN-RN bridge program there. No school is perfect and you will hear good things and bad things about every school. I loved it and that is why I am planning on returning. Not to say I didn't have some frustrating days there, I definitely had some rough days. But the good outweighed the bad. The school has an excellent curriculum and the faculty was fantastic. It is hard and fast paced but not impossible. I know at the Brandon Campus they have a 100% pass rate for the NCLEX. Everyone that graduated and passed the Exit Exam has passed their NCLEX on the first try. Hope I helped.
  4. by   KnKb
    That's so good to hear. Really nervous about picking the right school. There was a lot of negative feedback about the exit exam so it scared me. Still thinking but think it might be a good choice. Thanks !!!
  5. by   muneca13
    I am currently in the NJ school and the exit exam is an accumulation of what you learned as in any school it is designed to measure the info you have retained .I'm only in my second semester of cannj but i'm definetly sure that they prepare you...the curriculum seems to be repetitive... As most of their ATI sytem is...It's hard to explain but it's like they are preparing you to think as a nurse...Good luck!
  6. by   StudentNurse1116
    I just passed my Exit on Thursday
  7. by   shanie818
    Its good to see some postive I have been reading some bad reviews on the CANNJ but most of them are two or three years old. So you have no regrets you would reccomend the school I was there today to talk to admissions rep it seemed good but I wanted visit lincoln tech before I decide. I was on the bus with a girl who took the exit exam twice and failed which realy scared me
  8. by   arich88
    Hello I live in Jacksonville, fl and I'm researching schools that offer a LPN or RN program or a Bridge program and I came across this school. Does anyone know how long these programs are at this school and when do they begin. Thank You.
  9. by   bettyboo6
    It takes 15 months
  10. by   mrsf3
    hello arich88

    I am also interested in attending this school for the rn bridge program. did you ever attend this school? if so how was it?
  11. by   gotideas
    the Brandon school is a hot mess! the exit exam is ridiculous you are told to study API then they do an other style test that you cannot pass!! all year long things have constantly been changed with no warning, different clinicals, different instructors. WISH i had never heard of this school much less went there.
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    hello everyone,
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    has anyone attended the center of allied nursing in Jacksonville fl... I just got into their Rn bridge program, just wanted some feed back..
  14. by   LPNSTUDENT71
    were are you working at now?