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Anyone else going to Carrington's LPN Program in Portland, Oregon? I have been accepted and am starting July 2, 2012. I'd love to meet some fellow classmates or here from some who have already gone through their program. I am so... Read More

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    Quote from Brianna829
    The Oregon board of nursing approved then in February, they are however still waiting on approval from Oregon Degree Association but last I heard they did get approved and are in final process of getting information out I prospective students.
    Hopefully they call us soon )
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    I am am wondering if somebody could help me out with a few questions about fhe LPN program at Carrington. I have been a CNA since 1992 and would like to take the lpn program. Do I have to have perquisites of any kind to get in. And also, I'm not finished with my GED will they allow me to start although I'm still worki g on it? Thank you :-D
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    You will have to finish your GED first. You don't need any pre requisites though. Those are all part of the program. However, you can do them at a CC for cheaper and then transfer those credits to Carrington and skip those classes. It would save you money too. They start 3 new cohorts a year: March, July, and October. The program is 16 months long. I currently attend and am graduating this fall so let me know if you have any more questions.