Can you become a LVN w/ Hepatitis B! PLEASE HELP - page 2

Hi everyone, thank you for reading my threat. I am currently taking my pre-reqs to become a LVN and the program starts APRIL. I've been tested positive for hepatitis B but i am very healthy. I was... Read More

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    Quote from lily123
    What about blood work? I was told that you have to do blood work also

    For titers yes you will have blood work done, but not to check to see if you have hepatitis, HIV, Leukemia, etc. It's just to see if your immunizations are up to date. If not, then you will have to get shots. I understand your concerns, but try not to worry so much about it.

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    I don't know about getting into school but a former classmate works with an RN that is HIV+.
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    Hi, I see this thread is from a a couple of years ago and I'm wondering what ever happened. I'm in the same boat. I'm waiting to find out if they will let me in the program even though I have Hep B. Thanks for any info!
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    Hepatitis B or C? C is the one that doesn't go away. B is treatable. If it's B, get treatment and it won't be an issue.
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    Information from the CDC regarding Hepatitis:

    There is some helpful information in the beginning of this thread regarding sources of information to protect yourself and your patients and laws regarding discrimination (that pertain to those living/working in the US). Being an otherwise healthy individual who is positive for hepatitis B is very different from one who is ill with chronic HepB. Someone who is ill may not be able to physically perform the required duties of an active nursing student (due to endurance, fatigue, etc.)

    You can also discuss your concerns with your treating physician/PCP or your local health department if you wish to ensure that you practice as safely as possible for both your own and your patient's health.
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