Becoming antsy!

  1. Classes start in two weeks for my cohort and I'm becoming so antsy!!! I've finished all of the studying and study guides we were assigned. I have started to read other text books and peruse the lab values guide we were given. I'm just so ready to dive in! I want these two weeks to fly by!!!!
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  3. by   eklecticsol
    chile join the club!!!! ive been reading through dosage and calculations, physiology and anything i can get my hands on!! but i dont start until the 17!!!
  4. by   Glenna, LPN
    Then what feels like a blink of an eye, some hair pulling, tears, and lots of stress...the LPN program will be over! It goes by so quickly. Good luck! You will do awesome!
  5. by   TrustingHim
    Hi LivingFor, I just joined the group however im an avid reader here. Congratulations on your acceptance into the program!!! From the way you speak and how motivated you seem I know you'll do well. My question is do you know if they are completely done with the selection for sept. I applied for the fall start but was so late applying I was told I made the alternate group (theres five of us)...Do you know anything about if we are ever actually utilized or "just in case" ? I know two people whom have completed the program,but really dont have insight on this since they were in the evening program.
  6. by   JtrayLPN
    If it helps ease the tension any...a lil about my story...For many yrs I was a single mother and as most of us are these days, a non traditional college student. I started on the ASN track, but being so competitive to get accepted, I simply majored in Science at a local community college to get all my general education out of the way. Needless to say, ten yrs have gone by, a grandson, & two stepsons later, I finished that degree . I have also been a Certified Nurse Assistant for eight years, the course was a prerequisite for the RN program, so I figured why not get certified and work in the field to gain some experience, right? In the meantime, I applied to a different school and was accepted, but due to health issues and small children at the time, I was unable to finish. I reapplied to the same program this summer & was reaccepted. I must admit, being that this is my second go at this program, it will not be as difficult for me opposed to the newbies lol since I'm already familiar with all the skills, clinicals, and lecture, but needless to say NO nursing program is "easy." Brace yourself, it is hard work, takes a LOT of self-discipline, and you'll have to find creative ways to stay motivated or you'll get bored, burned out, and ready to quit. But keep in mind, it's all worth it in the end and it's very rewarding! Stick with it & make this next yr your priority!!!! If you have children, have backup for your backup for childcare. have reliable transportation and a backup plan for that too...(if you've never heard of Murphy's Law, I promise you'll soon learn what that's all about because whatever can happen, WILL happen during you nursing school adventure). Find positive ppl who support your decision and I'm sorry to say but eliminate any negative ppl from your life(at least until you've graduated lol). I made tons of flashcards and took notes even when it seemed I was the only one writing in class. Coffee became my best friend and frozen pizza and ramen noodles were a staple in my home! I studied with my children, they drilled me and helped make study time fun lol. O!..almost forgot, make "youtube" your friend, look up things you have trouble with, bt make sure you double check to make sure the info is accurate...get yourself an updated version of "Taber's Medical Encyclopedia"...I call it the bible for nurses. If you can get your hands on a med-surg book, GET IT, IT'S GOOD AS GOLD IN THE NURSING WORLD! And if you have any, bug your nurse friends for any helpful tips and go over some skills with them in your sparetime. I start(again) on September 4th as well....Sorry my post is so long, but Honey goodluck and God bless!!!!
  7. by   JtrayLPN
    and congrats!
  8. by   LeeLeeTheGPN
    TrustingHim - From what the nursing directors have said, sometimes alternates are placed in the program as late as the day before the first day of school! I suggest you visit the school if you have any free time or give them a call and speak to someone. Were you present at the orientation?

    JtrayLPN - Thank you very much for the advice! I don't have any children and no other serious obligations so I am able to fully immerse myself in my studies! I have been a CNA for 1.5 years also so I'm sure that experience will help me get through Fundamentals during the the first module. I tend to be very strong in the math and sciences, so I am hoping that I can still demonstrate some of that mastery once the program starts! Some of my coworkers who have recently completed the program I am in have told me that my school has a serious policy with maintaining a certain grade percentage so I'm motivating myself to continue in my normal practicum of strong academics My school provided text books also and we were given a med-surg book Thank God! I will look into the Taber's Medical Encyclopedia! Thanks again and God Bless you! Good luck to you when your program starts!
  9. by   MedChica

    It felt like the start of somehting wonderful for me.
    If you're strong in sci that will help when it comes to pathos.

    You have no children? Even better. Some looked at the working students like myself and wondered how we did it. Personally, I always looked at the parents and wondered how THEY did it.
    I can choose to not work. They can't choose to not parent. LOL

    Just keep on the reading and you'll be fine.

    Glad to see that you're working in the field. Not only is a good way to gain exp, gain money for school and work on your soft skills? It's a great way to network and also? It's a potential GVN or GN position.
    You put in the time and effort? With few exceptions, they'll usually extend an offer.

    Try homehealth if you aren't doing it. Personally, when I worked home-health? I'd purposely take assignments in facilities. Why?
    Familiarity. I'd get to the know the staff...which always helps when grad time rolls around.
    I decided to get off the HH train, though. It's boring. Y'know, making money for doing nothing but sitting around all day and watching someone breathe?
    Only sounds like a good idea in theory. LOL
    I just can't do 1x1's for extended periods of time.
    Either way and the point is, homehealth never ceased to be about anything more than an area to farm for future new grad positions.
  10. by   malloryg
    Be thankful for the break you have lol. We just started Monday and we already have an exam today and a paper and an exam tomorrow. Just relax! Trust me haha.
  11. by   LeeLeeTheGPN
    Thanks for the advice ladies. The weather has completely knocked out the cable and internet in my home today (currently tethering my wifi hot-spot on the phone to my notebook lol) so I'm going to use this opportunity to study. I'm going to try to relax a bit. I think the reason why I am so eager to start is because I'm even more eager to finish!

    What type of school supplies (ie, pens, notebooks, flashcards) do you guys think would be best for nursing? I'd just hate to have a jumbled mess of folders and notebooks and the such. I like to remain organized and I perform better when I am. I hear that it is very easy to become disorganized while in school. Any suggestions?
  12. by   TrustingHim
    Thanks LivingFor, for responding so soon. I wasnt at orientation, I was told that was for the people like yourself that are definitely starting on the 4th. Kim is my admission rep& we keep in contact prretty well. U are right,she did inform me that the directors call up to the second day of class. I guess im just antsy because it will b so last minute. Either way im ready! I know if I dont get the call Im in for January. Thanx again!!
  13. by   TrustingHim
    Jtray, u have a story! Lol...but it is a testimony & Congratulations! I pray GOD continues to watch ,keep, & bless you. Its happening for you now because the time is right. I will remember your words about organization & being ccreative with studying to help me when its "my" time. Thank you for sharing & GOD speed!
  14. by   LeeLeeTheGPN
    You're welcome! And just continue to be proactive, pray, and trust in Him!