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  1. Hello Everyone:
    I wanted to know if anybody knew of any audio books or lectures for the nclex-pn? I really enjoy listening to someone explaining things to me. I will be taking my nclex-pn this February 2014. I have been out of school since summer of 2012. I had to get a job and pay bills as a nurse tech. For me I was so tried of not having no money I need to regroup and force on studying. I have several books and tests but I am getting up and down scores. Sometime I get a high 80% , then sometime I get a low 50%. I work nights so if I am tried I can't force on one more questions. I have a plan to study and be ready by the next 5 weeks. I am also doing the audio nclex test. I have my ATT# but I need to be ready.
    Thank you
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