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    Can someone help me out here?
    I will soon take my Ati exit exam for my LVN school.
    Can anyone tell me how many questions they have encountered on the test?
    I am having an anxiety attack.

    If anyone out there that can give me anymore information I will forever be greatful!

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    I honestly don't remember how many ?'s there were, but I do remember it wasn't difficult. Scary more than anything. Good luck!
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    I took it and did well. It was long though, but I hate sitting for long periods. It is a good predictor of how you will do on the NCLEX so pay attention to your results. Your teachers have prepared you for this so you will be fine. Brush up on lab values and such.
    Good luck.
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    My ATI Mock NCLEX Exam was 180 questions, 30 of these questions were "research" questions that didn't apply to my results, and I think that it took me just over an hour to complete, though I am a fast tester. Most of my fellownstudents completed it in around an hour and a half to two hours. I was very surprised at how much easier these questions seemed to me compared to what I was used to on my tests for classes. Hope this helps and good luck :typing.
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    In LPN school we had our ATI exiting exam with 180 if i'm not mistaking, i thought i failed, but i was wrong
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    Do you think that all ATI tests are the same?:stone
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    Quote from gjsotero
    Do you think that all ATI tests are the same?:stone
    Yes, They are pretty standard. LPN and RN would be different....
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    Do you have access to practice tests online? my school gave us access codes to take practice exams. it's all I did to study for mine. I passed with a very high score. I am pretty sure it was 180 question....good luck :wink2:
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    It was something around the 200 I think, It's not that bad I mean it isn't the real thing.
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    Do you remember any questions or practice codes that can help me in my test?

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