anyone have codes for the practice tests for ATI testing LPN ENTRANCE EXAM

  1. Was wondering if anyone had any codes to the ATI testing website for LPN entrance exams I bought the book and test package but it only allows you to take 2 practice tests Ive been out of school for a long time and def need to review math if anyone has them or has taken the test and has any suggestions on what exactly to study I would greatly apprecaite it... thank youuu
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  3. by   fayethlove
    I think you are talking about the TEAS. I also brought the TEAS exam package. I took the TEAS wednesday, on the math portion I made a 82.2, I needed to make a least 51. As long as you study the study guide you will do fine. I just studied 1 hour a day for a week.

    I had taken the TEAS about 2 years ago and didn't study and my a 48.9, studying made a huge, study, study, study/

    Good luck
  4. by   lpn32
    fayethlove- i just got your pm but i cant reply not sure but e-mail and i'll get back to you asap

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    fayethlove- i just got your pm but i cant reply not sure but PM me and i'll get back to you asap

    Hi Roslynv...Thanks so much. I just sent you a PM.

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  6. by   atlantagal
    Please help.... if anyone had any codes to the ATI testing website for LPN entrance exams please let me know . I am set to take the test in two weeks and I need all the help I can get. thanks Atlantagal
  7. by   amjowens
    I have a bunch of codes for the ATI, but they are assigned in my name, and my instructor has access to every practice test I've taken, as well as my final grades from ATI tests given in's almost like a personal account! It's not as though there is a universal code for a given subject-the codes given to us are given for a specific set time (some we have to take at the testing center, and the codes not even given to us). We need a password for every code. It's pretty much big trouble for anyone who gives out codes, as you might read when you sign up for ATI. And your instructor has access to what you're up to.

    I'd be glad to share codes if there weren't the class-specific, intructor-assigned passwords for every code. If your school uses ATI, you've paid for your test-taking codes, and should talk to your instructor. If it's just for the math and pre-entrance, well, if you need to tap into someone else's codes and passwords to pass that kind of math, then I'd say invest in a tutor or something.