Anyone else feel like class is a battlefield? Venting ahead... - page 2

Just wanted to check in with ya'll to see if anyone else feels like their classmates are suited for battle? I know everyone is stressed out and sleep depraved- but really? you can cut the tension in our classroom with a knife!... Read More

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    Quote from gigismom41703
    Same thing happens in my class, everyone is ready to fight all the time.
    Yup. This and the ones who "already know everything" are rampant.

    My CNA school wasn't like this! But I'm
    Beginning to adjust and acclimate myself.

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    Everyone gets along in my class. We're like one big family. It's only been a month or so. Lol that may change.
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    If you think this is bad, wait until you start in the real world. Nursing profession can be brutal.

    I do empathize with your nursing school experience. In nursing school, people are anxious and competitive, some do whatever it takes to get ahead. Some will try to cheat, some will just break down and lose it. Your biggest task is to maintain your intellectual focus and ignore the drama that pulls your focus away. Especially with so many women, it becomes so useless.

    Find the strong students and figure out who you can trust. Find a tutor or a confidant. Chances are you'll find someone who you trust and chances are that will continue through nursing school :-)
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