Any tips for anxiety?

  1. Hi All,
    I'm going into my 5th week of clinical and I STILL get very anxious before I even introduce myself to the patient. I feel like I lose my train of thought on how procedures go( changing a wound, etc.) we are heading into acute care/ rehab and I am going to be faced with all of these situations which means anxiety will be sky high...any suggestions in how to stay calm? I really don't want to fail clinical, my instructor says my paperwork is consistent every week. How do I apply my knowledge in clinical? My anxiety gets in the way.. I hate it!
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  3. by   itsnowornever
    Have you ever tried an imagination exercise? Lay down somewhere dark, quiet and comfortable. Vividly imagine walking into a patients room, picture the bed, the TV, the white board, the sink, the paper towels, the bathroom. Next visualize the bed. Its in the low position, the two top rails are up. Now, visualize the hard part, the patient. Get the patient to look as real as you can. Maintain the other parts of the room also, dont get tunnel vision. Visualize the patient smiling at you, very pleasantly. See yourself walk in, say hello and your name. Ask him/her how their morning has been. Ask them if they slept well. Ask how they are feeling. Tell them you are going to do X procedure, explain the procedure. The whole while, imagine all responses from the patient as positive. Move on to the procedure. All your supplies are there, you have seen the order, you already know how to do the procedure since you have read this before. You begin the procedure all while explaining to the patient what you are doing and why. Remember, the patient is happy you are there and is still smiling (even if it's an IV or something, see them smiling).

    Go through this several times at about the same time each day. Take your time with the visualization. Vividly imagine it all! Stay calm in the exercise. While you are relaxed and going through pay attention to your heart rate and how you feel. Keep your heart rate low. Keep your body relaxed.

    When you are ready to go into a patients room, close your eyes, take a deep breath and remember that calm feeling. Bring it back and maintain it. You will do fine!
  4. by   spoild2588
    Just reading your suggestion put me more at ease. I will definitely try this! Thank you!
  5. by   itsnowornever
    You are welcome! I tend to be very confident, but that's a facade! LMAO! I too get very nervous, and at night before going to sleep I do exactly what I typed out and it DOES help when you are faced with the scenario feel like you've done it a million times and this is just time number one million and one!

    If all else fails, make an alter-ego (if you are the shy type) make up "SpoildRNSassyPants" and make believe that "SRNSP" is the best nurse in the world! She is outgoing, she is willing to talk to EVERYONE and she is SO FRIENDLY!!!! And be that person and that makes it easier too!
  6. by   spoild2588
    Hahaha I am pretty shy but I can put it aside most of the time..thank you for your help!!