Any one in/has been in a 10 month LPN program? few questions - page 2

Im thinking about applying to my schools 10 month lpn program; however, I heard it is more difficult than the RN program because of the amount of stress. Can you tell me a little more about it? I wanted to apply to the RN... Read More

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    Just finished a program that was 10 months and 25 days. It's crazy, and there is no way to prepare you. After awhile, the "IT'S GONNA BE FREAKING HARD" comments just run together.

    Don't work. Have lots of support. Be prepared to spend all your free time studying. Tell your friends you'll see them in a year.

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    Quote from pnkgirl25
    I am also starting a 10 month LVN program in Jan. We go Monday-Friday from 7am-3pm. I know its going to be hard but I always tend to do better in short term classes then I do in long term classes. I know in college I took all my hard classes....math, A&P, chem, etc during them summer because I found 16 week classes where too drawn out and I would get bored and drop. I found the 6 week class moved so fast that I was scared to fall behind so I always stayed ahead.

    Works for some people I guess.
    I am planning to take LPN program, but it's 2 years program and not accepting applications now.
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    I am in month 4 of a 10 month program. After sticking it out without working for the first phase I am going to seek employment after the holidays because it is just not as hard as I was told. About half of my class is working at least part time, and those that are encountering the subject matter for the first time are understandably having the toughest go of it. The 2011-2012 class in my PN program has a 100% board pass rate. So far no one has quit my program but we have lost a student.

    If you:
    - are diligent with studying on your own
    - are self-aware enough to know when you need to eliminate distractions, delegate responsibilities and see something through to the end
    - have a job that allows some downtime to squeeze in study sessions when there's important exams coming up.

    Then do it!

    Also there's nothing wrong with picking up the books early and getting familiar with the material. With the luxury of time on your side you can read ahead and learn what you will need extra time on, honing your study techniques and getting a jump on phamacology, nursing math, physiology etc.
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    My program was 11 months Monday- Friday from 8-4 sometimes 5. Clinicals from 7-2:30

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