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Hi, I have been researching on various Lpn schools in the area of Dayton, ohio and I found one called Ohio Medical Career Center and I am curious if anyone has heard of them or has been to school... Read More

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    I found another place in Dayton where STNA clases are given.
    The name is First Community Health Services located in West Carrollton, Ohio.
    The Cost is $495 that includes tuition, books, and uniform. Does any body have any expiriences on this or heard of the over all ratings of this classes.
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    A close friend of mine was thinking about attending OMCC's LPN program so I called them with three simple questions. Three simple questions that should be asked of ANY LPN school:
    1. Does OMCC have any maturation agreements with any R.N. programs?

    The girl who answered the phone stated: "no, we are our own school".

    2. Is OMCC's LPN program NLN accredited?

    The girl who answered the phone stated: "yes, yes we are" -but I could find no evidence of this on the NLN website.

    3. What is OMCC's pass rate on the NCLEX?

    I was placed on hold and subsequently disconnected.

    I smell a waste of time and money.....
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