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  1. 0 I am planning on starting an LVN program in Aug. and was wondering if anyone has any tips or advice for me.

    I am so nervous having to wait to know if I got in and if I dont I am going to continue taking classes that will transfer later on down the road and reapply to start in JAn.

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    Make sure you choose the right school for your LVn Program. There are many schools out there that only care about money...& not much about their students. And also look for the NCLEX passing rate for the really matters bcus it shows how good they prepare their students for NCLEX....although u hav to put in a lot of effort yourself but I believe that good school matters. Good Luck
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    Hi... .thanks for the advice.

    I am planning in going to Weatherford College (Texas) and they are concidered one of the top nursing schools in my area. Whats concidered a good pass rate???
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    I graduated from the Weatherford LVN program in 2011. It's an awesome program. They have excellent pass rates. I am married and have and 8 year old son who was 7 while I was in the program and I still finished second in the class. When I took my NCLEX it cut off at the minimum number of questions and I passed. WC prepares you well and you will also be taking a sort of practice NCLEX towards teh end to determine your percentage of passing the first time and what areas you need to work on. Lots of studying, I made flash cards constantly. Put as much into it as you want to get out of it and you will do fine. Good luck!!!
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    I've also applied for the fall 2014 lvn program. I am an alternate, hoping I get into the program for the fall. Anyone have any advice , should I keep my hopes up?