ADHD, depression, and anxiety disorder as a nursing student

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    Any tips from anyone with this problems? I am finding it so far to get though class, focus though the whole test even. I have have ADHD, depression and an anxiety disorder. It is really my ADHD that is the main reason for my problems, at least I think. I am spending so much more than everyone of my classmates yet they do as good or better than me. Any help would be great, thanks!

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    I graduated nursing school and I'm taking my nclex tomorrow and I have the same medical conditions you do. Do not give up focus in class I know it can be disturbing but just write everything the professor sys down as she talks that's what I did even if I had to rewrite my power points. I also made flash card. I did not study with study groups do to the ADHD that took my attention away and started babbling about other things. On exams I would rush through them always the first one done . I learned to pace myself I really wanted this so I took my time to break down each question and narrowed two answers with multiple choice questions. I had my boyfriend test me with flash cards that I had created. You can do this focus on the positive not the ADHD or anxiety. Monsters nd coffee a good breakfast and good night sleep helped me when I didn't take my concerta.
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    Thanks for sharing I have the same issue and I cry almost every night. I just keep telling myself its ok and to just try my best. Ill see how I feel after exams next week.
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    Thanks you two, I am getting though it. I kind of tell myself I don't have to be perfect or even get A's, I just need to make it thought it.

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