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really excited, graduation is just around the corner. im about to apply to an rn program and hopefully i get accepted. lpn school is tough but if u stay focused you can do it. i had lots of curveballs thrown at me & plenty of... Read More

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    Quote from ASPIRING2BGREAT
    Hope this has answered some of your question. Take care!
    Thank you so much for the kind reply and yes you have very eloquently answered my question. It now makes perfect sense to me.
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    Congratulations! I know you are very proud of yourself and we all are proud and happy for you to! I wish you the best of luck these next 8 weeks and beyond! You sound so serious and passionate! I bet you are going to make a lovely nurse! Best of luck!
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    I am on the same route that you were on. I just finished a medical assistant program and now i'm starting LPN and it is very tough!!! but i now that i will get through it!! Good Luck on the RN program, i was told that it was a breeze after LPN!
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    Congrats!!!! Hopefully I will get in the lpn program Im applying too. Thanks for the encouraging words, makes me not wanna give up!

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