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Hi, I'm new here and I'm going to take my NCLEX-PN licensure exam on April. I am confident I am going to pass and when I pass, of course, I am going to start job hunting. My question is; what types of healthcare facilities who... Read More

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    Hi I'm a new grad and recently got my lpn license as well. And I must say that I filled out all the applications online that's available, even if its required experiences. (Even though they said you shouldn't, but I will explain why..) i have never give up on applying. I even showed up at certain facilities and asked for applications, because it shows that you really want the job. Don't get too excited when you get that called for an interview, because you want to keep yourself available until you are officially offered the job and start working.
    After I got my license, I applied jobs that doesn't required experiences, which is not many. And I just got a few interview and I thought I would get it, but i did not and its their loss. So my friend told me about the job at the agency where they Do hospice PRN. Went for the interview, they had doubts at first- and I told them I would do it as a volunteer work just to get my foot in the door. But they said nah they have to pay me so then I ended up getting hired.
    I still continue putting in my apps because I need a FT job. And got called for another interview, (btw I always dressed professionally like a business woman because first impressions are very important!) the DON first statement was "you have a lot of experiences huh?"
    I said, no I'm a new grad.
    This was because for some reason when she printed out on the application online with my résumé and it really does said I have 6 years experiences.

    So I was kind of disappointed thought this is another failed interview. But she said that if no one gives me experience, then I will never have any. (My agency job interviewer said the same thing too) so she gave me the chance to work at the LTC. She knows I have no prior nursing experiences besides clinicals from school, and she did mentioned its going to be a very fast pace but they will try to train me.
    So I've done 2 days orientations already and so far so good, I'm excited to get into the floor To see how it's like! I'm nervous but excited and ready to learn and show her that she made the right decision by hiring me!

    Another secret of mine is praying. Good luck!

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    Sorry that my post was all over the places. I read all other comments so that's why I'm kind of mixed up with what's the original thread was. Ahah sorry!

    But I believe nursing home and rehab is the best place to get experiences and they hires lpn.

    Again with my agency hospice prn, they did not trained me. They just send u to the clients home and you're on your own. Which is scary as a new nurse. Bc I happened to not used a suction before and my pt needs it and no one could come show me how to do it. And that is why I wanted to work at a facility that would train you.
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    CTBUI---Thanks so much for the tips and sharing your experience. I would not give up and keep on hoping and praying just like you do. I wish you well and you're going to be fine and soon enough, you'll be doing the job as easy as you find it.
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    Hi JenniferTGSmith --Thank you so much for your kind and uplifting reply. I will always be positive and thanks for encouraging me to never forget confidence.
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    Definitely LTC! You will hear negative things of course, but you will hear it about any field. Skilled is where I learned the most and it really has prepared me to work in other capacities. I recently picked up a PRN job in AL, have 8 hours of orientation at most before I was thrown on the floor but I have been fine because my foundation is skilled. I am actually bored in AL and miss skilled lol! I am returning to my bridge program in the summer and once I graduate I still plan to stay in LTC so I think it's a fantastic place to start. It may be hard initially to find a job. I know you don't want to her negativity but I also wish someone would have prepared me for the reality that noone wants to hire a newbie LPN because they can hire a new RN for the same price per hour right now due to the hospital job shortage. Just take whatever you can get! Even if you have to work 4 PRN jobs. It took my nearly a year after graduating to secure a full time job and I was an STNA prior. This wait time is pretty normal for LPN's around here as well. Good luck to u!

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