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Where do YOU work? Need input for presentation

  1. 0 Hi all!<br>
    As a part of a group presentation for my vocational trends class, I am looking to get some input from some actual LPNs currently working.<br><br>-Where do YOU work? What does your role entail? <br>-Where have you worked in the past? <br>-What do you enjoy most about your role as a licensed practical nurse?<br>-Do you wish you had gone to school to become a registered nurse, or are you happy with your choice? <br>-Do you feel that there are any advantages to being a LPN over a RN? <br>-Where do you see yourself in five years in regards to your nursing career?<br><br>Any input is so, so, so appreciated! Thank you!!!
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    I got my LPN License december of last year. I work as a overnight charge nurse for an assisted living facility. My job includes supervising 4 Aides, getting patient meds and treatments, assessing residents in the case that something happens and paperwork. I am happy with my choice to become an LPN first because of the circumstances I was in, I get paid pretty good and I can finish getting my RN online and I just love being a nurse. so that answer other question, of course I will be going back to get my RN for more than one reason, 1. get more pay, 2. less restrictions on what I can do for my patients and 3 just more job opportunities.
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    I received my LPN license in September 2009. I started out doing private duty for a number of nurse registries/agencies, which I kind of liked b/c I could pick which shifts I wanted to work and pretty much made my own schedule. Then about a year ago I started working per diem for four medicare home health agencies doing intermittent visits and absolutely fell in love with it! I'm now a full-time LPN with one of the largest home health agenices in the country. I love my company, my patients, and of course the pay/benefits Granted it put ALOT of wear and tear on your car (I drive a PT Cruiser--an infamous gas guzzler), but I love the autonomy my job brings. Will I go on for my RN? You bet---I start a 15 month bridge program in May.