What volunteer work would be useful for resume?

  1. I am in the huge category of recent grads who cannot find work without that golden "one year of experience". Or more. So I have recently started to look for volunteer work. I have started with the Red Cross, hoping to become a CPR instructor, and also working with a retired RN there for certain cases that require a nursing license due to privacy laws. I enjoy doing this as I like to volunteer anyway

    I have also heard that some SNFs and clinics take in volunteer nurses. Is that true? I can't even get to talk to a DON, so I don't know if I can volunteer.

    So my husband and I are accepting that it will be at least another year before I can work. We are not rich, but living very simply, and are getting by. I do enjoy volunteering, and have done it in the past. But I would like my volunteering to be targeted to help me in the future too.

    So any suggestions would be appreciated.
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  3. by   HazelLPN
    I'm sorry to hear that you and so many good new grad LPNs are having a hard time finding a job. You might try volunteering in a hospital. All hospitals have active volunteer programs. Of course you wouldn't be allowed to practice as an LPN if you volunteered, but you certainly could make human connections in the hospital that are far more valuable than a stranger reading your application and resume. Most units have contingent or call in staff members who work only when needed...they have no budgeted hours. If you volunteer on a unit that you have interest in and you get to know the nurse manager, you might approach her/him about a contingent position. Several years back when I was working NICU there must have been something in the water and many sick premies all seemed to be born at once. We were so understaffed that we were taking volunteer nurses from other parts of the hospital to come and help us...even the director of critical care nursing who hadn't taken a patient assignment in 10 years had to take three feeder growers...and an RN from the admitting office who hadn't started an IV since 1981 came up to do feeds and change diapers. Several girls on our contingent staff were getting 40+ hours a week during that time and we needed more. Perhaps you could contact a hospitals volunteer services department and explain that you would like to volunteer in a unit that you would be interested in...even if its a unit that LPNs do not normally work ..don't let that scare you off...there are always exceptions to the rules.

    I remember a volunteer who worked in the MICU when he was in high school. He did such a good job that we hired him to be a unit clerk shorly before he graduated from high school after he graduated from high school and worked all though college. He went on the medical school, did a residency at the hospital were he volunteered and is now an ER attending. Connectionc connections.

    Best wishes to you and may you make good connections and find a good job soon!

    Mrs H.
  4. by   MollyLPN
    Hazel, thank you so much for you encouraging and well-thought out reply. I am going to seek to follow your advice.
  5. by   HazelLPN
    Quote from MollyLPN
    Hazel, thank you so much for you encouraging and well-thought out reply. I am going to seek to follow your advice.
    A pleasure dear.....keep us posted!

    Mrs H.
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    Im so glad I was able to read this thread! I myself planning to volunteer in one of the Hospitals here in the DC area. I am an RN from Philippines and graduated back in 2006. I have been working for 2 and half years now as a live in caregiver for a 96 years old and just tend to forget about taking my NCLEX. I am working 24/4 and after 2 and half years, my mind and body is just looking for something more... Reading all the threads here also about new grad nurses having hard time finding a job made me nervous. I just sign a new contract with my employer to stay until Dec 2011. I plan to take my NCLEX on Sept 2011, and my plan between now and Dec 2011 is to volunteer and get the idea of how it is to work in a hospital. Being out of school for a long time, not work in a hospital and work in a home setting- hope this won't scare any prospective employers. What I am hoping really is to be able to get into one of the New Grad Program of the hospitals here by Jan 2012... Oh I need some words of encouragement...