What kind of job is this?

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    Hi everybody. I recieved a job offer a while back but I could not take it because I was already working full time hours and could not work as many hours as they needed in addition to my current position. Well now I would be able to accept a position like this but I have no idea what the job is called. They wanted me to go to different facilities throughout the week, going through patient charts. I don't remember what it was I would have been looking for in these charts but I do remember thinking this would have been a great opportunity for me as I enjoy the paperwork aspect of nursing. Is anyone familiar with a position like this?
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    It maybe something like an auditor or something. I know they do that in my province ( I live in Ontario) and it has to do with funding for LTC facilites from the government.
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    Loriangel 14 is correct. You would be an Auditor.
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    I do believe that is it, just couldn't think if it. Thank you so much.
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    Auditing charts. It is what I did on a travel assignment.
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    probably for an insurance company.
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    Thank you :-)
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    MedAssurance is a big company that does that kind of work.
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    It might also be called Utilization Review or Quality Assurance.

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