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New and going through the hiring process for VA hospital was advised of medication exam to be given during orientation. Does anybody know what is the medication test for the VA hosp? Does it include... Read More

  1. by   NurseLil-lea
    Quote from LPNmem
    I am a new LPN with no prior experience. I just started @ VA in Memphis on March 28 this year. There was no medication exam at all. I like working there. The pay is not good for a new LPN though because I have no experience in healthcare at all, but that is okay.
    So how long did you have to wait for an interview after your application was sent to the selecting officials? Did you have to call them a few times?

  2. by   RNmem
    I put in my application In Aug. 2009. I was called for an interview in Dec 2009. I started in March 2010. I had to really call almost once a week or every other week. I literally was on a first name basis with the nurse recruiter because I kept calling to see where I was in the progress. The applications have to pass through so many hands and be signed by so many people it takes a loonngg time. But that is the federal government for you. If you want speed DO NOT COME!
  3. by   NurseLil-lea
    Thank you for the information LPNmem, what a relief I put in an application in September and still waiting. I do know by working with the government already that it is a hurry up and wait deal because of the application process going through so many hands and departments but it just seems that it should be a little more faster. It would be better if someone would call back after leaving several messages. Well I guess I will hold on an endure it more. So LPNmem do you work night shift or day shift at the VA?

    Thank you,

  4. by   RNmem
    I work rotating days, which means I work them all. We have self scheduling but that doesn't mean you always get what you ask for.
  5. by   RamTaur
    I've been out of work for a year now, and I finally had a interview today with a prospective employer. They did state that I would have to pass a medication test. Can anyone direct me to some online sites that I could utilize in preperation? Or, any helpful information I could use. I'm a Licensed Vocational Nurse with six years experience. Two of which I gained valuable experience in Psychiatrics. I'm not afraid of testing I just want to prepare myself accordingly. Thanks.................