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    Quote from Fiona59
    From what I can figure out, a pre-requ is required education to get into a nursing programme. Like finish your grade 12.

    I don't understand it myself. Here you need a Grade 12 with Chemistry, Biology, Math (depends on unis/colleges what level) diploma and chunk of cash and start applying to nursing programmes.
    It's similar here, Fiona, we are required to do Biology, except specifically Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, Math-Basic Algebra, even statistics in some cases, as well as ethics, philosophy...humanities-based classes and science classes; tailored after the "art and science of nursing."

    Sometimes the programs have the requirements in place and you just apply. We have a variety of ways to fulfill our schooling requirements, as long as they are board approved based in the state that one chooses to be licensed in. Most states have similar requirements for theory and practice as a student nurse in the program that is tailored for that education.
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    Here in Ontario, you need gr 12 biology, chemistry, physics, math and english I believe. The avg is pretty high to get in, and you have to write a pre admission test that tests on science and math knowledge. Now if someone has been out of hs for 10yrs and doesn't have those courses then they would have to to back and do them..I guess you could call them pre reqs. I wouldn't group the amount of time taking pre reqs into your nursing education though...here RPN is 2 years and BSCN is 4 years...I did 2 years of upgrading my courses to get into RPN but that doesn't mean I did a 4 year program..it's still 2 years.
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    Vintageandrea, we have gone through those sciences in high school as well, however we have "college level" sciences, english, math, and humanities courses (history, philosophy, ethics, etc) that we must take prior to entering the nursing coursework, if required...At the university I attended, those courses are a requirement for the degree. I completed my nursing courses Fall 2011, but had to take two courses that I needed to fulfill my BSN: Christianity and Philosophy of Ethics-I went to a Christian Brother University, so I was required to take two Religions, two Philosophies, History, a Art History (or a foreign language), Three types of Math (Algebra, Linear Math, then Science Statistics) And four sciences (anatomy & physiology I & II (Biology), Chemistry I & II; Physics was not required). Their philosophy is they require their students to be well rounded, critical thinkers and ready to serve their communities (I am not making this stuff up...that was a philosophy for the school, and every degree program had a requirement if humanities, religion, and philosophy as a requirement.). But that is my school.

    Depending on the school, prerequisites may be less or somewhat different or similar. And this coursework is for an undergrad degree, ASN and BSN.
    My program also had nursing research. So English courses, and statistics were essential in that class. We learned about nursing theorists in depth, had to create a Evidence-Base Practice Proposal. That coursework in the dividing difference for nurses in our country. ADN programs usually do not have research nursing, however, I can only speak of my experience and area, but that us usually the norm of the nursing educational system in America.
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    Thanks so much, LadyFree28!!

    Do you happen to know the scope of practice of a LPN/LVN in Florida, Tennessee, or Texas? Thank you!
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    Quote from studentnurse1989
    Thanks so much, LadyFree28!!

    Do you happen to know the scope of practice of a LPN/LVN in Florida, Tennessee, or Texas? Thank you!
    No, I do not know the scope of practices for those three states. I am based in PA. However, I did come across the websites through Google. I would suggest asking the state forums on AN in regards to the nurse practice acts, the scope, updates to scopes, etc....
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