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Have any of y'all used W.I.A. to pay for your education? If so, what was your experience? I am trying to get funding but I am really afraid they will run out of money and my schooling will be... Read More

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    Are there income requirements etc


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    Quote from Futurenurse108
    Your welcome! Keep me posted on how things turn out. I wish you the best!!!!
    I certainly will. I hope to have good news to report!
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    Quote from GodIs082010
    Are there income requirements etc

    I don't think there is a certain income limit per se', however I believe your income must be low enough to qualify for public assistance like food stamps or you can be on unemployment. I am currently unemployed so I had no problem with that one. You don't have to be receiving them, just eligible. They require you to look for a job so if you get one don't worry because they don't cut you off. They want people to complete the programs they start. Also your skills are no longer in demand or difficult to find a job that requires those skills. I am not certified to do anything and most of the jobs I have had in the last 3 years have been temp jobs. Unfortunately I have been out of work since August. If you are wanting to apply, you need to go to your local Career One Stop Center. I think it is the same as the unemployment office. Like Futurenurse108 said, apply. The only thing they can do is say yes or no. I think it is well worth a try though!

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