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I am a new LPN that will be starting my first nursing job next week. I'm starting this thread to hopefully get some feedback on people's opinions and experience with iPads on the floor. I have used... Read More

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    Make your notes on your census. Been doing it for the last 12 years and have never forgotten to do anything.

    In my hospital anything left outside an isolation room that looks valuable will and has been stolen. We've retrieved pulse/02 monitors from local pawn shops!

    Drug info is easily available on the units. No need to hightech it all over the place.

    Am I the only one that remembers this debate a few years back over the use of Palm-Pilots?
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    We can't use them (or anything like them) as it's against policy at our facility. Too much potential for non-work related usage. Also as TheCommuter stated, using your personal Ipad for anything patient related is flirting with a HIPAA violation. I make any notes on my census sheet and shred that at the end of each shift. I might consider keeping it in my locker in case I had to look something up during a break but I definitely wouldn't carry it on the floor with me.

    Personally I can't imagine having to carry something so cumbersome. As it is, you never seem to have enough hands.
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    Ipad while working? No esbueno imo. Maybe in the future when COWs are replaced with something like that. But not yet D:
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