The things that we start to worry about when Graduation is around the corner....:-)

  1. I am a LPN student in my last semester graduation April 24. Lately I have been thinking alot about Nclex, my first job and how much will I make with benefits. It has really been a struggle working, going to school fulltime and being a single parent. I thank God he has brought me a mighty long way I am truly blessed. My questions are how was Nclex? How did you get the hang of med pass and charting(super scared)? How much is your pay as a new grad LPN/LVN and benefits also?? Thank you all so much in advance.... :-):-):-)
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  3. by   ejm123
    I want to say don't stress but hey I've been there! I'm a single parent too! Worked while in school and I made it out alive!
    NCLEX for me was a breeze. However I had a program that previous graduates would say if you can pass their exams boards are a breeze it was true I was educated by some amazing people who make NCLEX seen like a piece of cake!
    Jobs all depend on your location. My first was as a flu nurse 19/hr. I have been working LTC now for just over a month and my first weekend not training was this weekend(I'm working bailor shifts) sat/sun 7a-7p. Work 24 paid for 32 I have no benefits. Only FT get benefits. But I'm compensated with higher pay.
    I have a very demanding workload of 30 pts five are tubes/trach
    I'm still slow in my early med pass and nursing school doesn't prepare you for the world of nursing. Documentation is something you learn with time I'm still learning!
    I was lucky to land a job in a facility who let me train for over a month and would give me more time if needed.
  4. by   em1025
    Don't stress to much about the NCLEX and I know that's easier said than done but at this point your almost there, I used three Kaplan book and it helped me tremendously. As far as pay depends on where you work, I worked LTC for a while and made 19 an hour but since I had my son I didn't want to miss holidays and his basketball games on the weekend so I started working in a clinic I get 18 now but great benefits and Monday through Friday so that's nice, good luck!!
  5. by   mznelly
    Thank you all so much... I think I just need to take a deep breath and relax... LolEasier said than done. We do have a Nclex review class with ATI predictor haven't started that yet but we have a good pass rate.
  6. by   Adele_Michal7
    It will all be OK. Although it was 4 years ago, I remember the few months leading up to my graduation like it was yesterday. It may seem like a bunch of overwhelming events all at once (taking the NCLEX, applying for jobs, doing yout first solo med pass) but it all comes together. Take it day by day And do your NCLEX practice questions, and study groups! I remember feeling I failed FOR SURE but sure enough, I passed. Keep us posted!
  7. by   mznelly
    Thank you Adele_Michal7!!! I got a Saunders book so I have been doing some of those questions.