Stay at LTC or Go to F.P. Clinic?

  1. Working now at LTC for past 9months or so caring for 30 pretty much "stable" Residents, work 3-11 m-f and OT can range anywhere from 5-25 hrs per pay period. The job is not hard per say at this point. Shifts go by fast, I have found my groove, and can do my med passes on time, skin assessments, charting, etc. However, At times I feel like a "trained" monkey could do what I do. I am not really "learning" anything anymore I am just doing the same thing to the same people night after night. Although I know I do, I don't really feel like I am "making a difference." I go to work, do my job, and stay out of trouble, no issues or complaints with my CNAs. its really not a bad job, and its 8 miles from home. My issues with it is "If it looks good on paper" thats all they (upper managment) care about. ie: (If med isn't given for 5 days, by day shift nurse, as longs as it is signed out, then that is good enough, and we are not talking vitamins) As much as I have tried to overlook it, it just doesn't set well with me, and I see it all the time.

    So, I have been looking for another job, and have been offered a job at a Non for profit family practice office. 8:30-4:30 M-F. 25 miles from home, The pay is roughly .40 cents less per hour, and no overtime allowed. There is a Dr. and a NP, 3 other LPNs and 2 CNAs. The office sees all ages, lots of OB and peds. averages 35 patients per day. (this seems like alot of staff to me) So I don't know if I will be bored. Not sure what "issues" they have in Dr. Office, as I have never worked in one before, so for all I know it could be worse than what I am dealing with now, or perhaps it could be heaven.

    So any and all advise, comments, warnings, or blessing will be factored into my decision making! And if nothing else maybe it helped just seeing what Im dealing with on paper!...

    Thanks so much
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  3. by   shortscrubbs108
    Hi there---I actually just left a Dr.'s office for LTC. My situation is a little different, the pay is significantly more and it's closer. But I also left because I was bored in the office. If you see OB/Peds it might be more interesting, in my office we never did any procedures or anything "nursey". I spent almost all day on the phone with patients, insurance co., or pharmacy and never got to move around. The pros were that it was M-F, I loved the people I worked with and it was easy. Most of the nurses there loved it, because it works well for families with kids (which I don't have yet), I just had to weigh the pros and cons for myself. The pay increase and more hands-on care made my decision. I suggest you consider what is best for yourself and your family.