state is coming to ltc facility, what do i do!? - page 2

i am a new lpn working in a ltc facility and the state is due to come any day now. i have been working here 2 weeks and tomorrow is my first day on the unit by myself. this is my first job as a nurse and i have no previous... Read More

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    Everything has already been said, that needs to be. But I will add this...if you are selected for doing medpass with a surveyor, I suggest choosing the residents who you know are less "difficult". Choose the ones who have less meds, and are less "grumpy" personalities. Believe me, it helps!

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    The most important thing is to remain calm. When you get flustered mistakes can happen. Take a deep breath, and know they will only be there for a short time. Good luck!
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    I've experienced a few state surveys and something I kept in mind if or when they ever approached me at the med cart. My med cart was clean, orderly and clutter free because I had heard from my other nurse buddies that their facilities were flagged for junky med carts with inappropriate items on or in them. Also the other no no was some nurses and CNA's were not pulling curtains between residents in their rooms. So even anything from adjusting the volume for their TV remote to an actual procedure required pulling the curtain in the surveyors view. Just an FYI from observation.

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