Starting salary for new grad lpn in ny..

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    I'll b starting my lpn program in july and i'm very excited my only concern is that i'm currently a,ma and I make $21.75 hr do u think i'll make mire than that once i'm done I plan using the lpn as,a,stepping stone to my RN as,if any knows the nursing programs in NY are very competitive I have all my prereqs but can't seem to get in to a,program so I decided to go this,route and just do a bridge program when i'm done If anyone has some insight on Ny Lpn salary I would appreciate it thxs in advance
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    Depends on what county you work in and what type of facility. Office nurses make between 14 and 16 an hour or so. LTC around 16-18 an hour. The closer to major cities you are the more you generally make. Then you could get differentials for working night/evening shift of about 1-3 dollars an hour. These are estimates.
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    O ok thx i live In Nyc..
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    Just to let you know, I too live in the NYC area, Staten Island to be specific, and as a new grad lpn on my first job (office setting) I was making 21.63 per hour In Manhattan. At my current job (LTC facility), here on SI, I am making 24.18 per hour. So as NamasteNurse said it varies on where you work; the city & type of facility. Good luck on your nursing journey!!!
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    Thank u

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