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Started New JOB!

  1. 0 I'm one of the lucky one's that the hospital that i was a pct at still hires LPNs. I have a fulltime med surge nursing job! I wanted part time but HR here doesnt allow new grads to work less than full time. Im super excited about the ft because the past 13 years ive worked part-time only at a big time insurance company which i had to quit last year once school started. I will orient for 10 weeks w/a preceptor. I started last thursday nite & after the 1st few hours of needing 2 blow in a brown paper sack i got alright. I'll be on nite shift which is what im use too 3 days a week & after 90 days i can pick up extra shifts which i will do b/c im hoping to bridge oct 2014 & plan to go part-time so i can concentrate on school & with working part-time here i get to keep the health insurance so thats a plus. I may try to wing it working FT the 1st semester & the go to part time 2nd & 3rd semester. The program i would like to get into i would only have to go 1 day a week from 8a-10p so thats cool! Anywhoo, how is everybody else doing?
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    Great to hear and best of luck!

    Are you in S Fl?
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    No Im in GA
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    Congrats on the job. As an FYI please don't use text speak and watch your spelling, there are some that get up in arms about it, and I don't blame them. Good luck and keep us UTD on how it goes.