Salary for LPN in New Hampshire?

  1. So,
    I was reading the thread earlier about salaries across the country and there was 110 replies! I think I read every single on and didn't see any responses in NH. I wa wondering what the salary is here? I have asked other nurses and teachers here and always get diff. answers..anyone currently or recently worked as one and can say how much the salary is??
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  3. by   Debilpn23
    I work at an Assisted Living Facility in N.H. I have been there 4yrs I make $24.89. & $,75 diff, this PIB
    so its 20% more then what I would make if I took benifits. I have been told the starting rate for new LPNS in N.H. is around $15.00.
  4. by   Mommyof3Boys
    Thank you fo ryour reply..15.00 really?? I have heard way more then that--ok, now I am scared! lol As an LNA in 2005 I was making 13.00 at my very first job! I did speak with a couple ppl, they said to expect to start at about 35,000-37,000. I'll be VERY angry if this is not true! I am not working my butt off for nothing! lol Either way, I hope to bridge this and so won't need to worry about it for long..I hope!
  5. by   Debilpn23
    I agree $15.00 is awful low for an LPN to be making. This is at an Assisted Living Facility. I was making $17.25 as an LNA at the same facility I am now working as an LPN at. At first they didn't want to up my pay at all when I became an LPN but finally decided to give me $2.00 more an hour. It doesn't make sense to me.