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Hello! :) LPN NEWBIE here! :nurse: I graduated in Aug. 2010. Took the NCLEX at the end of Oct. 2010. Passed, first time. I had been searching every outlet to land my first LPN position and it took a very long time. I started... Read More

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    Wow, I needed this thread!
    I have 20 years of retail experience, graduated in December and have not received a single call back. It is very frustrating. I have had my resume' professionally fine-tuned.
    My twist is that my school is losing their approval after the next graduating class in October. They have been in the newspaper and the news so many times. Not only do I have to defend my age, I have to defend my school. I have no idea what to do next. I tried hitting the pavement, but it seems as though most places are only accepting electronic submissions and almost seemed annoyed when I show up. Sigh.
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    I am also an older RN graduated with refresher program this August, and got my RN license re-activated.
    Past 5 years I have been taking care my father full time until he passed away early this year. I have Master degree and worked in computer Industry for more than 10 years. (Changed my field after I got my RN license)

    Started searching for RN jobs since this September, most online application requires detail personal information (mostly including birth date), I received no
    calls. I tried to apply for many internship programs, no response. I got a few
    interview after sending out tens of resumes, after interview there were forms to filled out for employment processing (I got an offer for entry level pay), it requires to provide birth date, I was told to call back 2 to 3 days later to verify.
    When I called back, they were interview others for the position.

    yes, I am old (turn into 60 next Jan.), but I still feel young, I am slim, and have good education backgound. I feel very much hurt being thrown out of the door. I have spent past 5 years taking care of my father full time, and live on
    my savings, and now I have no where to go!

    I will not spend any more time and money on this RN job anymore, I do not feel
    I have a chace to survive and shine. Anyone have a success story with my similar case? please share.
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    Well, I know how you feel, & honestly feel I'm in a worse situation... I'm 31, & a mother of 2 young girls. I graduated in '07 from LPN school & got my license in '08. I have barely worked since getting my license to be a stay at home mom w/ my kids. My husband makes good money, so I have been blessed to say home with them.... But now I'm wanting to start working as an LPN because I miss nursing, & don't know where to start. My license is active, but I have no experience. I was a beautician before becoming an LPN, and don't have any other prior healthcare experience. I tried working in a nursing home a little while after getting my LPN license, but it just wasn't my "cup of tea"... I only lasted a few days before quitting to be a SAHM. I really look up to the LPN's who can juggle LTC, but it really wasn't for me. I'm willing to do any other LPN job, but trying to avoid LTC. The few days I was there, it really took a toll on me emotionally. So I really want to avoid that if possible, but do want to get back in to nursing soon. I just feel like my resume is a blank cavas, literally...
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    I have found more luck after getting IV certified. Certifications are key I think - IV / Phlebotomy and Pharmacy. Go to Napnes.org. That might will help. I agree that your resume should be skilled based. License and Certs up top - plus any foreign language skills - i.e Spanish for Healthcare Providers - community colleges usually have classes. I would only list a 10 yr employment history. I also agree with posters that you should remove any references to your age such as grad dates etc - except for your nursing school. Good Luck and hang in there
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    I completely agree with the HR idea...there might be a Workforce Solutions office in your area? Somewhere out there is the job for you, don't give up. Also if you are worried about your resume, keep it short & don't put in lots of stuff about jobs that do not relate to nursing (even if there is barely nothing...just list the ones you were at the longest...keep it short & there are plenty of formats online you can fill in the blanks or customize your own for letters & resumes...use resume paper (I think the grey is the best!)) Good luck!
    One more thing is to not let this get you down because if you are tired of looking & frustrated you wont be yourself...let yourself get excited because they want to see that!
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    As I read These comments I cannot help but think it has to be the market we are in for the last several years...I am also 48 and graduated 2005..got the license and have gotten work but never in the full capacity I would like, such as full time steady and in a acute care setting. It is so very difficult right now. Also it seems no matter how educated you are in the field the only way to get in is, luck, and who you know. I have been told twice that I was overqualified for positions, sadly we have no control. Also as mentioned previously there are areas where you cant get past that HR rep/screener to get an opportunity to actually speak with the actual recruiter. It is discouraging. I have volunteered at a hospital to get familiar and hopefully work there one day. In the meantime just try to keep your nursing enthusiasm up (I know that is hard to do) and take classes to further your education.
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