Not a good time to change jobs?

  1. Hello everyone, I'm an lpn due to graduate as an rn this december with an associates. I've been an lpn for 4 yrs. and a medical assistant for 2 yrs. prior. All my experience is at a dr's office. Anyways my mom just passed away and I will be starting school in a couple of wks. My current job is getting really old to me, I've been wanting to leave for a long time. It's disorganized, my manager yells @ me for stuff I didn't do but is nonconfrontational with others, and the morale there is really low because we feel like no one cares about us. I applied to a bunch of nursing homes perdiem and finally had one place call me back but the timimng was bad, my mom was on her deathbed. After she passed I left messages for hr and the don saying this wasn't a good time and I said the reason why, but now I feel like I ost a great oppurtunity. The thing is I will be starting my last semester of rn school in a few wks. and I would be leaving people behind whom I feel comfortable with. Also my friend keeps saying "oh working in a nursing home is so har" which I believe, but I want to do something more. At my job I feel like I'm not really doing anything productive. Also the place I want to work at has a lower nurse to pt ratio and is known as a good place to work. Keep in mind this would be a totally new atmosphere for me. Advice please. And I would be working there as an lpn per diem.
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