New LVN grad, 3 days of orientation with no pay. - page 4

hello fellow experienced lvn's. i'm a new grad who got hired recently at a six patient acute/rehabilatation facility. the person who did the hiring told me that they do one day of orientation (with no pay) and than leave you to... Read More

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    Rereading your post again and understanding what kind of facility it is the problem wasn't so much the workplace was unsafe though probably not perfect but the fact that you didn't have any experience which is not your fault. A year down the line in the same situation you would have been able to navigate it better including making sure you get paid. Remember also sometimes those training you will NOT train you well because they don't want you taking their hours.

    But a year or two down the track handling 6 patients solo along with a CNA will seem like a cake walk.

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