New lpn grad+ first job+rehab center=nervous and excited!

  1. Hi everyone, I am a new grad and I recently just got my first fulltime job working in a nursing home but taking care of pt on the rehab wing. I have no prior experience as a nurse besides a few cases of hospice care.
    I heard its a lot going on because you get new admission everyday in the rehab. I'm so used to "RN does initial admission" and "cna helps with bg check". So I was informed to take care of about 16-18 pts and having to do admission, giving meds, take orders and transcribe meds, monitor reaction, monitor bg levels and other abnormal labs, supervise cna, and I think much more..
    The past 2 days we been oriented to the facility and watch videos. Next week I will be oriented with another nurse. I'm scared and very excited at the same time! Scared because I have no prior experiences and have never really communicate with physicians before, I don't know every meds on the top of my head.
    However I believe I can really do a great job in this field, I just need more than 1 week of orientation!! It surprises me how most places, besides hospital, barely giving you and time for orientation.

    What is there to really expect in the rehab? What should I review from my nursing books? What should I practice? What should I ask more about next week during orientation? Please advise me, I would appreciates it much!
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