Need Lvn Info!

  1. i m new and i need info abt lvn courses. how much does it cost for entire LVN course and what colleges are affordable in the bay area.
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  3. by   tntech1
    I am not from the bay area but it depends on if your are going to a private school, technical school or college. Private schools can cost over $18,000; whereas as a technical school or college will be a lot cheaper around $3500 or more.Could cost more including books and uniforms. Most programs are a year long to 18 months ( Full/part time).
  4. by   TheCommuter
    Welcome to this site! I am a native Californian (born & raised in Southern Cali) who moved to Texas last year.

    Anyway, this site has a California Nurses Forum where your question would probably gather more responses. Click on the link below to be taken there.