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  1. I am a recent graduate who, after submitting application to over 30 places, finally had the first interview. It's a retirement community and I had my first interview with the Executive Director who asked me general questions like when I will be available, if I'm willing to work overtime, etc. Then I had the formal interview with the Director yesterday. After the interview they told me that I am a strong candidate and the Executive Director even told me that she has a great confidence in me! They want me to shadow another nurse tomorrow to ensure that it's a setting I would like to work at and also if I am a good match for the community. I think this will be the last phase of the hiring process and I really want to ace it. I am trying to refresh the basic knowledge I learned from nursing school because I want to be prepared before I go in. This facility is a really nice place and I really don't want to miss this opportunity but I am sure there are other candidates who feel the same way as me. I want to make sure that I do an excellent job tomorrow. If anyone could tell me what they might be possibly looking for, I would really appreciate it. Any advice would help. Thanks!
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    I also work in a retirement community that has a LTC health center attached. We are a ninety bed facility which takes residents from the community as well as "Guests", people from outside the community who come in for therapy. I really love it, we get to know the members of the community and when they come into the health center, it's a smoother transition.

    Just be yourself, listen, ask questions, and realize what an amazing opportunity it is to work with people who have lived such full and active lives. You get to help them, practice your skills and hopefully have a great time along the way.

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