Navy Corpsman to LVN= few questions

  1. 0 Hello everyone!
    Well I am not trying to beat a dead horse with this topic but, i just have a few questions in regards to Navy Corpsman challenging the LVN State Exam in CA.

    1) I know a package is required but I do not know what is included in the package aside from the application itself, so what other items do they require in the package?

    2) I heard that there is a letter which is required, something about a letter describing ward work... does anyone have a template or a sample letter?

    Thats pretty much all the questions I have as of the moment. I am hoping you guys can help me out. Thank you and have a great day!
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    all your answers are here at the link below, God speed.
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    You will need to print out and complete the application page, the Record of Conviction page, the (2) 2x2 passport type photos, DD214 showing honorable discharge (if you are not active), the military experience form, the fingerprint form (If IN CA, the livescan, if OUT of CA, the hardcards),the certificate from the corp school (they don't accept the smart transcripts---your DD214 might have the corp school on it) and your evaluation/performance reports showing 12 months of inpatient ward care in a hospital or sickcall aboard ship. They don't accept clinic or triage experience. They will give you 8 months maximum for ER care but the other 4 months must be inpatient ward or sickcall aboard ship.

    edited to add, they do not accept letters for the experience, you must submit evaluation/performance reports.

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