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  1. Hi all! I plan on moving to Asheville, NC this summer (I currently live in Louisiana) and I was wondering if anyone who lives there or the surrounding area can tell me what to expect job finding-wise there..I have been an LPN for 4 years in an urgent care clinic. Its kind of like a mini ER without trauma (well we are not SUPPOSED to have trauma but of course people come in with it anyways haha) I have looked online (on craigslist) and mainly the only LPN jobs I have seen are home health.. What is the avg an LPN makes in NC? and Do you think it will be hard to find a job? I am in school (excelsior online) to get my RN so I wouldn't mind a clinical setting and/or home health I was just curious Also is there anywhere else besides craigslist and I can look for jobs? Thanks so much!!
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    have you looked at state jobs?