medication study hints for an lpn

  1. I find studying medications too hard and boring.Can someone help me with hints,tricks...Please?
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  3. by   BrandonLPN
    Don't try to learn every obscure little detail of every drug. If you try to memorize everything you'll likely end up remembering nothing. Concentrate on learning drugs by classes. Learn what beta blockers are. Corticosteroids, diuretics, antihistamines, etc. Learn what they
    are, what they do, what we use them for, what to "watch out for". Do you need to know the exact physiological or chemical mechanisms of how lasix works? Not really. You need to know that it
    pulls fluid from the body and makes you pee. That it is used to treat symptoms of CHF and fluid retention and SOB caused by fluid in the lungs. Know that it lowers BP and can lower blood K+ levels. Knowing the more obscure side effects or the exact peak time isn't really necessary at this stage.

    And if you memorize the basics, you don't really need to memorize much else. Once you know the basics most of the rest is common sense that follows. Based on knowing the basics of lasix, you can suss out the nursing considerations. Monitor output and weight. Monitor blood K+ levels. Monitor for edema, SOB. Monitor for low BP. See? It's 90% common sense.
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