Lvn not IV certified in CA

  1. Question on Iv's with no certification:

    New grad with 2 months experience no IV cert. have 2 residents that require IV ATBs to be put on my shift. Does anyone know if I can put IV tubing together and prime line, then set flow rate, and then flush with normal saline before and after completion of ATB? Just wanting clarification since I'm new and terrible scared to lose my license! Thx for ur input!

    Ps sorry more info: both residents have PICC lines in so really nervous with no IV experience!
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  3. by   nurselis99
    No? You can NOT touch an IV if you are not certified! And a PICC line can only be handled by an RN. I live in Ca, but I'm pretty sure this is standard for anywhere! Probably too late of a response-hope you asked around! You can always go on the Internet and go on your states board of nursing site and read the scope of practice! Hope this helps!
  4. by   NyteshiftLVN
    I'm an LVN in CA, even if you are IV certified (which your not) you are not allowed to give any IV medications including antibiotics. Only fluids and nutrients are allowed to be administered by the LVN who is IV certified. You should have an RN or MD supervisor as you are not an independent practitioner who can give the IV med. If they are not available on your shift DON'T DO IT.
  5. by   medfed1
    Good advice - Heed it.
  6. by   Stranded55
    Your facility should offer you that training. As an LVN you can not give IV abx or touch central lines.