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Have anybody worked in a jail before...if so what can an LPN expect when working there.. Thanks in advance... Read More

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    I work at a prison and I don't have a problem with it. Although I'm not at a maximum security unit therefore I don't have to pill pass into the barracks. If they want their pills they will come to the pill window to pick it up. The infirmary stays locked at all times and only the important people has keys. Each nurse has their own task. One nurse work on sick calls/chronic care with the doctor, another nurse will take care of the walk ins, and another nurse working the pill window. We have alot of diabetics so they come to the pill window as well before each meal. Diabetics gets called out first then the general population. Every where I go I make sure I have a guard with me. I do my job as a nurse and I'm nice to everyone to make it a good work day. As far as the chest pains if you do your proper assessment each and every time you can tell if a inmate isn't being honest you. If you do an EKG and get a normal sinus rhythm and bp and pulse is almost perfect spo2 is 100% you call the doctor and let them know what you are working with and they'll tell you what to do even if you know the inmate is playing a game. You must take all complaints of chest pain seriously regardless. We have a protocol book/standing orders for all walk-ins and things to do before calling the doctor like giving nitro and other stuff . But whenever in doubt just call the doctor. It's not bad you just have to be confident and good at what you do. You know your scope of practice if its not in the protocol or standing orders you call and get a order if you need it. You also have to have a good crew to work with it. I'll take working at the prison any day over doing LTC. I learn stuff everyday at the prison LTC all you do is pass meds and lose all your skills you learned while in school and I get paid a little more then when I was in a LTC facility.
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    Thanks everybody for your response
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    I did it for 13 years and I loved it. Just be careful. Deputies/COs are mistrustful of medical staff and will shove you under the bus if it comes down to it.

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