LPN with no medical experience, where to start? LPN with no medical experience, where to start? | allnurses

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LPN with no medical experience, where to start?

  1. 0 Hello everyone,

    I just got my Illinois LPN license about a month ago and I could use some advice on how to get my foot in the door. I live in a small town and thought about moving to a big city such as Chicago. Do I have a better shot finding a job in a small town or big city, since I have no experience? Also does anyone know if hospitals hire new grads or am I basically limited to assisted living?
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    What town are you in? I just moved from Illinois! What school did you attend?
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    I live in the Quad Cities and went to school at Black Hawk College in Moline IL. Where did you go to school?
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    I was in Rockford(loves park)! I drove to Hoffman Estates (50 minute drive) for school! I went to Ambria College of Nursing! I'm not too familiar with Quad cities! I only lived in Rockford for 5 years! I'm from Michigan! Now I'm back home!!
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    I am an LPN with no medical experience (until I got my first LPN job). You will find a job, I don't think that employers care too much about not having the experience. Many people in my class had experience as techs or CNAs, but some of us did not, and I don't think it made a difference in finding a job. Just list your clinical instructors as references, they can at least speak about your experiences in clinicals...That is what I did, and I had my clinical instructors write letters of reference, which I brought with me on my interviews. I was offered several positions within a few months after graduation and waited until I found one that would accomodate my RN program schedule. Good luck! I'm also originally from Michigan, but I don't live there anymore. Just keep trying, I still get calls from places that I applied at several months ago!