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    I have moved to Texas about a year ago, but I do not plan on working for another year. My question is I have an active LPN license in IL, which expires Jan 2013. Could I put my IL license on hold in IL and then endorse it here in TX when I plan to start work?
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    Your best bet is to contact the board of nursing to find out how to place your license on inactive status rather than let it expire.
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    thanks. I've been trying to get of hold of IL BON, but I keep getting a busy signal.
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    I found on BON site about inactive license. Would it be best to switch my license to tx and put it on hold, or just place it inactive in il?
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    They may be busy as it is graduation season. You can try emailing the board of nursing since you aren't due to renew until January 2013. There is a link at the bottom of the website: State of Illinois : Department of Financial and Professional Regulation
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    Check the rules. If you have no intention of returning to IL, start applying for endorsement to TX then you have the option to let your IL license expire or place it inactive. In some states the reinstatement fee is significantly less if your license is inactive than if you let it expire.
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    I think I will start endorsement to Tx and just go from there. Thanks

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