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I'm going to start a LVN program in College fall of 2013, and I was curious to know, am I making the right choice? I feel like I am, I think becoming a LVN will help me figure out better if Nursing... Read More

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    Hi, I have a question. I am starting college this fall. And I was wondering if LVN is worth going to school for rather than RN. Should I take the program for lvn so I could receive my license within a year and a half? The question is, is LVN worth it? (financial wise)
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    LPN's can make, hourly, what rn's make. Where the difference lies is in earning potential. LPN's hit a ceiling and rarely find positions that pay huge shift differentials. My wife is an RN, works weekends in the local ER and makes $38/hour. I'm an LPN and make $17/hr working at the juvenile court. If finances play a big role in your decision then don't waste your time with LPN school.