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I'm going to start a LVN program in College fall of 2013, and I was curious to know, am I making the right choice? I feel like I am, I think becoming a LVN will help me figure out better if Nursing... Read More

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    Quote from prettymica
    I am an LPN and I do enjoy it. I did choose this route to see if I would like nursing. My fiirst job was in LTC, I wasnt a fan but I stayed 2.5 years. I love working in hospice and home health is not that bad. I will graduate from LPn_RN bridge program May 2013. This is allow me to do hospital work in the city. LPNs are allow in med surg in small towns. Good luck, your career is what you make it !
    Where do u attend school tried to PM but ur mailbox full

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    YES!!!! I was an LPN before becoming a RN. I was able to precept (educate) RNs and LPNs, complex wound care, trach/vent specialize, IV therapy management of peripheral lines, I know how to put on casts, remove staples/sutures...I was also a chart reviewer for Medicare (learned that WE ARE BILLED for nursing care....its ALL about the documentation!!!) a LOT of complex care and leadership skills I have experience in BEFORE obtaining my RN.

    Honestly, for me, I went back to school because I wanted the OPTION to do more...the opportunity for flexibility is ENDLESS...However, I support those who do wish to remain LPNs...our knowledge is PRICELESS!!

    I hope you enjoy nursing. Good luck in your success!!!
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    Hello Im Plainning to attend A Program as an LVN but i want to know how difficult it iss? Andd how hard is the NCLEX for LVN? And how much LVNs Make an Hour?
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    Hi, I have a question. I am starting college this fall. And I was wondering if LVN is worth going to school for rather than RN. Should I take the program for lvn so I could receive my license within a year and a half? The question is, is LVN worth it? (financial wise)
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    LPN's can make, hourly, what rn's make. Where the difference lies is in earning potential. LPN's hit a ceiling and rarely find positions that pay huge shift differentials. My wife is an RN, works weekends in the local ER and makes $38/hour. I'm an LPN and make $17/hr working at the juvenile court. If finances play a big role in your decision then don't waste your time with LPN school.

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