Is it worth it?

  1. i passed my nclexpn beginning of sept. 2011. i have been searching diligently in ohio for over a month for a job. i have put in thousands of online apps, responded to all leads and every job i see posted, went to nursing homes to fill out apps, almost ran out of gas for no one hiring. just accepting applications. the only response i got was from a rural hospital in another state of about 1500 miles away. i am seriously contemplating relocation because i want to get started with my new career. is it really worth it to relocate for a lower paying lpn job to gain the much needed experience? because no one is hiring new grads, everyone asks for experience. the same old story of how to get experience if no one is willing to hire! but is it really worth it? will it look like something is wrong with me because i can't get a job in my own state?
    i appreciate any feedback.
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  3. by   taniayvonne
    Yes! You need the experi3ence and once you get a year under your belt you can then explore other job opportunities. ;n this economy I would advise you to turn nothing down. I had a friend move from california to texas to get her one year experience! It soun.ds extreme but she did it.good luck
  4. by   Hospice Nurse LPN
    If you are able to relocate, I would. Good luck!