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Do any of you do I.V. pushes @ your job? Have you noticed differences in what different facilities allow you to push? ex. one place, lvns can push everything except narcs and a couple of other things... Read More

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    I'm an LPN in Indiana. I can push all IV meds. We don't do chemo drugs, we have "chemo nurses." The only thing I cannot do is hang and monitor blood for the first 15min. After that, I can monitor and take it down.
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    Slight correction LVNs in california can hang normal saline with K+ in fact up to 60meqs.
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    I work in GA and the only things I can't do at my facility as a LPN is hang epidural meds, be charge nurse. Our Med/ Surg /Renal Transplant floor (RN's included) can't IVP cardiac meds. I feel extremely fortunate to be able to have all that experience.
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    Quote from Ms Kylee
    In PA we can't push anything.. we also cannot titrate or hang blood or blood products, or chemo.
    Ditto for Michigan. At least, that's what I've been told...I still have 6 months until pinning.

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