i quit w/out notice, what effect would it have? i quit w/out notice, what effect would it have? - pg.2 | allnurses

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i quit w/out notice, what effect would it have? - page 2

im a newly grad, got my license this past july. i quit my job, on the phone without notice. i know thats unprofessional and i think it's gonna effect me in getting a new job. i started working at... Read More

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    You'll be fine. Trust me if someone needs a nurse, as long as you didn't do anything stupid while you were on the job you'll be fine. quitting on the phone, i think i can relate to. I didn't show up...and i called in sick then just never showed up after that. It was unprofessional but i got alot of jobs after that. I burn out easily. I'm starting to see why there is a shortage of nurses. nurses have to put up with so much crap that one tends to burn out and quit. Don't feel bad for quitting. the way they treated you...they didnt deserve your two weeks notice.=)