I just got hired at a LTC any advice? - page 2

I just got hired at a LTC and I would appreciate any advice I can get on how to survive and do the best job for the patients in my care! I'm so nervous, but excited too! Thanks to all in advance!!!... Read More

  1. by   MSdeltaPN2012
    Thanks for the advice and sorry for the late post. I reached my 90 day period as of January 31. I can truly say that there are going to be good days and bad days as well as slow days and busy days. With constant interruptions, there is no possible way to get meds out on time if the job is to be done correctly. I take pride in doing my job the correct way always but find it extremly hard to keep within that hour before and hour after time frame. I also find that I am losing experience because I donot have time to learn new things or brush up on those skills I learned in nursing school and clinical. I adore all of my residents and I try to take great care of each and everyone. I do get the residents who tend to be more "problamatic" out of the way first. Some residents stay on the call from 7a-3p and the clerk is always calling me to go to their rooms. I just can't be in two places at once. These calls to the desk are not at all emergency's so what do I do? I do alot of walking and from my first post in November to now I have lost 20 pounds which is a good thing